Monday, April 10, 2006

Aware Parenting course

Aware Parenting Course

Prepare to be the parent you dream of.

Seven-week course for pregnant women and partners.

Weekly sessions of two hours each will give you practical teaching, exercises, guided meditations, journal writing, and handouts.

The course will help you:
• Understand what babies need for secure attachment
• Know how to read your baby’s cues and emotions
• Avoid sleepless nights without resorting to controlled crying
• Support your baby to heal from over-stimulation and stress
• Prevent childhood problems such as agitation, hitting, biting, uncooperativeness, and fears
• Form a deep connection with your baby that continues through childhood and adolescence

Course outline:
Week 1 –Bonding in pregnancy and after birth – understand what newborns need
Week 2 – Crying – how babies communicate and heal
Week 3 – Feeding – trust your baby’s cues
Week 4 – Sleeping – promote easy and restful sleep
Week 5 – Playing – distinguish between over-stimulation and a need for more stimulation
Week 6 – Democratic discipline – encourage cooperation without punishments or rewards
Week 7 – Attachment – clarity about what it is and how it develops

The course is led by Marion Badenoch Rose BSc PhD DipCouns DipPsych GSPP
Certified Aware Parenting Instructor.

I have 18 years of experience studying the needs of babies and love to support parents interested in Aware Parenting. I have a four-year-old daughter and a new baby on the way. Aware Parenting is a form of attachment parenting that includes up to date knowledge of the emotional needs of babies and children, and how they can heal from over-stimulation and stress as they grow. Babies parented this way become peaceful, aware, securely attached children who are a joy to be with.

The course is held in Mullumbimby, Northern NSW, and costs $150 for individuals and $180 for couples.

For more information about Aware Parenting, visit

For more information about the course and for bookings, contact Marion at or on 02 66842565

Next course begins: 22nd April.


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